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AQ Canto 3 Forte

The active version with a built-in amplifier is ideal for anyone looking for simplicity without compromising on quality. Just connect the music source.

The model is equipped with a unique very rigid construction of a sound box made of bent beech shell in combination with MDF. The result is not only a refined look with a natural veneer surface. Sophisticated 3D bending also eliminates unwanted standing waves that would spoil the quality of reproduction.


The SB Acoustic mid-bass driver is equipped with a composite membrane made of aluminum and ceramic, which is shaped to achieve extreme rigidity and resistance to parasitic resonances. Its coil is wound on a lightweight core with a glass fabric base. The sound is accurate and without distortion, even at high dynamics.

The tweeter is housed in a massive turned aluminum sound channel, giving it excellent directivity and room presentation. The whole will thus offer quality sound, far exceeding the standards of the given class.

You can connect any device with Bluetooth, USB output (e.g. laptop) or RCA line output as a music source.

The advantage of the Canto 3 Forte model is wide  connectivity. Fans of uncompromising sound will be pleased with the line input and USB-B, all of which can be connected via Bluetooth 4.2 with a wide range of supported codecs.


AQ Canto 3 will enhance any type of interiors.  It will attract lovers of cosy living rooms but also those who fancy minimalism in interior design.


Natural beauty of the woodgrain is timeless. We are offering three stunning real wood veneer finishes: Natural Beech Wood Plywood, Natural Walnut or Black Ash. 



2 Way


6 Ω


60 W

180 W 



45 Hz to 40 kHz 

12 dB / oct.



line in (RCA), USB-B, Bluetooth 4.2 (supported codecs SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL)


+10° to +35° C max relative humidity 75%


200 mm x 470 mm x 330 mm (W x H x D)


9 kg / per each loudspeaker

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Stand AQ Canto Forte

An elegant handmade stand, made specifically for AQ Canto 3 Forte loudspeakers.

The stand ensures the appropriate stability of the loudspeakers - it is possible to connect them with screws. At the same time, it ensures optimal listening: thanks to it, the height of the speakers will be at the height of the ears of the seated listener.

Technical parameters:
Dimensions (h x w x  d): 650 x  250 x 370 mm, Weight: 3,6 kg/pc


Hear it now!

Be the first to listen to the AQ Canto 3 and be absolutely thrilled!

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