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An incredible experience that will transform you!

We combined 30 years of AQ loudspeaker building expertise with a 130-year old tradition of fine furniture making and unique beech wood bending.


Everything we learned in the past 30 years is translated into our new models Canto 3 and 5.

The result: Incredibly detailed and finessed sound!

Thanks to the combination of innovative technologies and excellent craftsmanship, AQ Canto will play favorite tracks with perfect dynamics and the finest nuances and detail.

and timeless design.

From utilization of precise machining and a beauty of natural wood a timeless design was born. It will effortlessly enhance any interior.

Incomparable hand made craftsmanship: 

The internal components, cabinet construction and perfect finish of the AQ Canto speakers would not exist without masterful hand made craftsmanship of our highly skilled team.

Sustainable, green and ecological methodology.

Usage of 3D beech plywood shell greatly reduces construction materials and minimizes transportation costs. 

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Model AQ Canto

Canto 3

Two way bookshelf loudspeakers

Canto 3 Forte

Active bookshelf loudspeakers

Canto 5

Two way floor standing loudspeakers



Something truly exceptional

Timeless and sophisticated design combined with absolutely impeccable sound and with true respect towards nature. This is a result of incredible unity of thirty years of AQ State of the Art Loudspeaker development and of one hundred and thirty years of patented wood machining which is being further developed by Czech Plywood.

Extremely lightweight and incredibly strong cone of the SB Acoustic bass driver features a ceramic coating that creates enormous speed, precision and dynamics. The resulting sound has pitch perfect powerful bass with absolutely natural and transparent vocal rendition.

High precision waveguide tweeter is mounted in a massive machined aluminium block that is tuned and attenuates tweeter’s response and results in absolute transparency, precise portrayal of the recording venue acoustics and delicately reproduces every fine detail of the recording.

The construction of the entire enclosure is highly innovative and features distinctive shape and properties. Canto loudspeaker enclosure achieves high rigidity through its unique shape and strategically placed interior braces virtually eliminating internal standing waves and resonances.

Sound without compromise


The beauty of the natural wood is highlighted by precise machining.

The harmony of the design elements and the beauty of the natural wood pattern is counterpointed by luxuriously finished mate baffle and accentuated by the high end drivers with stunning white ceramic coating.

Bent plywood combines extraordinary look of the pure natural wood grain with incredibly rigid shape that offers three dimensional stability. The pure material aesthetics of AQ Canto offers industrial design of a highest caliber that blends seamlessly with modern interiors and at the same time offers State of the Art music reproduction. 

Stunning hand applied final mate coating is a beautiful representation of classic craftsmanship and highlights the pure elegance of the design.

Internally the AQ Canto offers the same precision as seen on the outside. From point to point wiring to internal bracing to sophisticated  damping. Every element is absolutely integral to the final sound which will transport every listener to the recording studio.

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Handcrafted with absolute precision

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"With AQ Canto, we achieved a significant contribution towards more ecological and sustainable loudspeaker manufacturing. We believe ecological responsibility matters and we are proud to accomplish that without compromising on design and sound expression."

- Vladimír Sapara, CEO and Sound Design Lead, AQ, s.r.o.

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Hear it now!

Be the first to listen to the AQ Canto Loudspeakers and be absolutely thrilled!

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AQ audio studio


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AQ audio studio


Vítkova 30/91

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AQ audio studio


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